Two years ago, I was living each day in a repetitive pattern: I wake up, go to work, head back home, eat, and sleep. There was not much else I did with my time and this cycle continued over and over again?
However, one day I consulted with my inner self and began pondering how long I would be existing with such a boring monotonous lifestyle with no form of excitement at all. What about my dreams? As each day go by, I grow older and time seems to be flying by so fast.
There are the expensive trendy things out there that become obsolete quickly and don’t seem to be a source of happiness.
However, I came to realize that there’s an old trend that’s still much relevant today and can give you happiness and fulfillment. This trend makes you get off your seat and take action.
The beautiful trend is to create bucket lists.

The movie ‘Bucket List‘ proved inspirational for me when brainstorming the items on my bucket list, which includes:
Things to Learn
Things to See
Things to Have (surprisingly, it was much lesser than I anticipated)
Things to See

To make things easier, I have divided the list into 3 levels: The Easy Items, Medium Items, and Big Items.

Easy Items: these are the things you can do without leaving your locality. These items cost less than $100 and are achievable in less than 3 hours. The items in this level require little effort from you. However, these items are as important as those in the higher level because they lay down the basics and those small steps will fill you with a sense of progress as you move forward.

Medium Items: the things at this level require some planning for you to achieve them. They are costlier, more time-consuming (such as reading a book) and may require you to leave your area and travel to another city for a day or two. You’ll need to put in a little more effort and may need to do something uncomfortable (such as walking in the woods at night). Trust me on this, each time you achieve one of these medium items you’ll feel a surge of endorphins with you.

Big Items: At the top level are the items which would have a major impact on you and it includes things that you’re afraid to do, things that are difficult to achieve (such as relocating to another city or country), or things that could take many months or years to achieve (such as learning a new skill or language). Once you accomplish one of the big items, you can then beat your chest and congratulate yourself for achieving what you thought was impossible.

In order to keep yourself in check, set a deadline on a calendar or mobile app that’ll serve as a reminder.
In my case, after brainstorming for some time, I was able to make bucket list of 130 things I want to achieve in life.
To create my bucket list, I used the app Nozbe (designed by GTD methodology). You can find out more information about the app and how to make a bucket list with it.
Now, I’ve made my list and action is being taken. Carefully selected below are 3 items from each category on my list.

Easy Item
— Getting the activity tracker on Amazon. Cost ~ $30.

I added this item to my list because I have no active lifestyle and most of my time is spent sitting in the office. In terms of exercising daily, I’m a little lazy because I often forget to create the time for it.
However, with the activity tracker, I get a reminder if I remain seated in the same position for an hour. Also, it helps track my sleep routine. For my daily goal, I set it at 20000 steps.

Medium Item
— Sell, give out, or throw away things that I haven’t used in the past 3 months or more. In my opinion, whatever I didn’t make use of for that long is not needed. This includes clothes, electronics, and many other things.
However, it is advisable for you to take some time to ponder on the items you deem necessary before you start disposing of things. In my case, I made the decision in about 20 days.
After I sent everything I didn’t need out the door, I made a profit of about $750.

Big Item
— Achieving my lifelong dream of flying to Thailand. With the profit I made from items I had sold, I booked a ticket to Bangkok. I began to look for the best dates and prices.
Kiwi.com and Skyscanner had the lowest fares with connection guarantee.

Even though I was completely petrified, I made the move to make my long-term dreams come true.